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Jun 12, 2011 7:30pm EDT
which they don't pursue and i'll explain in a moment why for khalid shaikh in doha transferring money to the world trade center bombers in 1993. now, why don't they pursue it? after the explosion which kills seven people, seven if you count the unborn son of monica smith, one of the secretaries who died in the world trade center bombing. when you sort through -- when the fbi sorted through the rubble, they ultimately found a piece of a truck with a vehicle identification number that led to the bombers. but in the course of that investigation, which they conamed trade bomb, by the way, they had very strict orders apparently from the clinton white house not to investigate any overseas leads. so the connection to ksm was never fully explored by fbi -- the lead fbi investigator on the trade bomb case, james fox. and that's something that irritated the investigators at the time because there were lots of foreign connections. instead, the bombing was portrayed as a random group of people who spontaneously came together for reasons perhaps of insanity to carry out the first major foreign ter
Jun 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
. >> they're trying to get very personal information from people. it's a lot easier to doha if you know who you're talking tom i think that works for skinny scoop. michael said it might not work for kelloggs. >> i was thinking of frosted flakes with the tiger. do you think that she says when people meet us they become our evangelists. that's almost to your point of get people to do this work for you. >> absolutely. >> scaling that nationally, they're based in san francisco is also hard. what they need to do is to get women around the country who have the same kind of problems to start up local groups. and again, they can get them sponsored through their ad model tied into that. >> i think this is a really interesting topic particularly because so much of marketing is done online. thanks so much for discussing it with me. >>> the skinny scoop folks learned what they had to do to cultivate their relationship with their users. you don't have to be an online business to keep customers coming back. take these entrepreneurs who have gone to the extreme to make their clients priority number one. >
Jun 6, 2011 2:00am PDT
got sick in doha, so it wasn't an easy start to the season. but after that i was healthy and i was able to play very well the rest of the season. playing for me today was the seventh straight final of the year after coming back from the injury in australia. so that's fantastic for me. and that's really unbelievable. for sure today, the win at roland garros against federer was really nice. >> to the nba finals, miami look to have regained the initiative in their title series against dallas, having thrown away a massive lead in game two last thursday. the heat were again tested in a winning position. this time, though, they held on. dirk nowitzki had another big night for the mavericks, but it wasn't enough against lebron james' miami. by this stage in the third quarter, miami had established an 11-point lead. that was increased to 13 when dwyane wade teed up james for spectacular dunk. but miami should have learned by now that showing off only motivates their opponents, dallas went on a roll and jason terry cut the mavs deficit to just a point. early in the fourth, jason kidd fo
Jun 10, 2011 1:00am PDT
. but with no signature tall buildings and few tourist attractions, jubail doesn't have the flash of doha or dubai. >> i have to say, dubai is the heaven of architects. jubail is the heaven of chemical engineers. this is the largest petrol complex worldwide. >> reporter: they manufacture chemicals like propane and polyester from the kingdom's natural resources and shipping them throughout europe and asia. jubail is one of the most tangible examples of the kingdom's long-term plan to move the economy away from just exporting oil. now more than 100,000 people live here in jubail industry city. the region accounts for around 7% of the country's gdp and it's getting bigger. in the newest phase, known as jubail two, state-run oil giant are building a massive plan to the refine diesel and jet fuel. there's also a space set aside for a plant u.s. chemical giant dow and saudi firm subic. >> we are going joint venture, the foreign partners bring the tech knowledge and the no-knokn. >> reporter: though jubail was conceived and constructed for the petrol industry, they are several kilometers downwind from the resi
Jun 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
subsidies enough to satisfy china and india and unable a restart to doha round? >> is not just america's willingness to consider reductions to the support structure. that is fairly obvious in our physical condition and circumstances that is likely to happen. there is not a corresponding willingness on the part of china and india to be definite and concrete about how open their markets will be. as we look at any trade agreement, we want to make sure it is fair and balanced very we can quantify what we are willing to do relative to our support structures and systems. we need the same kind of specificity from china, india, brazil and other countries. we want to make sure we're getting a fair deal. >> one of the paradoxes of booming u.s. exports is some of the most food import dependent nations are the ones that have the most amount of food security. when there are price spikes, they bear the brunt because their lack of crop. how do you balance to help u.s. exports with some of the poorer nations to need to be less dependent on exports? >> we are interested in making sure that those develo
Jun 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
that time and some way or anothere we have to do that. but i doha believe with all ofr the different groups that wed have an immediate still asks who is your leader, not leaders, that we have to come together as a unit at least for once and develop a plan of action of strategy that every organization can go out to implement in its own way. . . by inviting me to give the first medgar evers honorary lecture in jackson, mississippi, in 2003. and during the research, i learned that when medgar was killed, in his back pocket, he had his voter card showing that he was a registered voter. it was stained in his blood from his assassination. medgar evers was killed because he fought for the democratic right that all americans have to vote. what is important for us to consider is that that vote is now being taken away all over this country and especially in mississippi. a third of all black males in that state have lost the right to vote for life. we have millions of americans, white, black, and hispanic who have lost the right to vote either permanently or temporarily because they are former prisone
Jun 21, 2011 2:00am EDT
these trade deals will pass as well taa. then we have trans-pacific alliance to try to do. doha is a pretty heavy lift for the world right now. but i am confident it will pass. i think it is important that you talk to the politicians but also to your workers. there are negatives, no doubt about that. but the positives outweigh the economy. >> we have time for one more. >> we can do a couple more. i will probably regrets saying that. [laughter] >> good afternoon. [unintelligible] my question relates to taxation. last fall, presidents have been courageous to extending the tax credit -- credits. that was welcomed by the community. our tax structure has to be addressed. >> as i mentioned, we have done a deep dive to try to come up with a corporate tax reform package. there are winners and losers in that. there are some businesses that may have their taxes coopted by virtue of that. whenever you do one of these, there are winners and losers. it is a balance to try to get to ride to and be deficit neutral. i am confident that out of this budget, this deal i think it's coming, in order to extend t
Jun 7, 2011 12:00pm EDT
the secretary was in doha in january, she talked about the challenges of, of political systems that are not moving forward. and like bicycles, political systems that are not moving forward are liable to fall over. and her case was that the status quo here, as in the case of the middle east peace process, is not sustainable for a wide variety of countries. and that using force and security means to try to bring a situation under control alone is not going to solve problems. so we have been very candid, public and privately, with the government of bahrain about what our expectations are and about making the case because it's not just enough to say here's what we believe, we have tried to show them per persistently why it is important to engage in a meaningful dialogue and walk along the path of reform. now, this as the president said in his speech is not going to happen in the same way, on the same timetable in every country, but what the united states can do is not just publicly and, you know, put out statements and not just privately say as, like, the fifth talking point on the
Jun 17, 2011 12:00pm EDT
and seen as valid as been the major hangup to the doha round, what newcomers bring to the table to help them realize the challenges their situation presents the global trading system? >> one, and this may be some confusion and mr. rick juries that probably no industry to assess project to, that local politicians are more attuned and agriculture. in the example i gave people, that whether you are an elected member of the united states congress for a parliamentary body in asia, africa, not every elected official has this blessed to say i've been telling my backyard or bowling or texas instrument. just about every elected official in this world has a farmer and a bunch of them. and i mean, i'm low to beat up on someone else as they look at our foreign policies, but again the argument we make to your pieces seem to make to everyone. at least for those of us who have joined the world trade organization, we have to operate with sound, sanitary standards. if the system goes to work. i happen to believe just as you were saying, i think the remarkable debate played out in congress right now over
Jun 16, 2011 5:00pm EDT
taa and then transpacific to try to do. doha is out there is a heavy lift for the world right now at least china, brazil and india, but i'm confident it will pass. i think it's important to all as you visit the hill and talk to members or your community you talk to the politicians and workers. there are negatives and we have to protect the put the positives outweigh the overall economy. yes, sir. i've only got a couple more. i will probably regret saying that but that's okay. [laughter] >> [inaudible] presidents courageous move in the previous administration [inaudible] >> we are the comments i kind of mentioned, we've done a deep dive to try to come up with a corporate tax reform package. there are winners and losers in that. there are some especially smaller businesses that may have taxes go up by virtue of that and media budget more taxes out of the jeeps for the big loans also but you also have whenever you do all of these there are winners and losers and it's a balance to try to get their right and be deficit neutral. so i'm confident that out of this budget negotiation and d
Jun 2, 2011 8:00pm EDT
here of the middle east. on my left is dr. hamid who just flew in last night from doha. he works for brookings there are. he is an expert on islamic political parties and democratic reform in the middle east, which he was studying long before the spring. on my far right is richard fontaine to as i mentioned is the author of the internet freedom study and has experience on the hill, five years as the is the foreign-policy adviser for senator mccain. .. has a degree in middle eastern studies from the american university all over specifically in egypt after the revolution. i fink all of us have watched the administration be somewhat conflicted about how to respond to the advance in the middle east and we are to support stability, autocratic regimes and face the support democracy for which america stands. i've discussed conflicted precisely because not all of middle eastern regimes while authoritarian are behind there are authoritarianism and clearly a great strategic importance of the country's new to the u.s.. so where do we draw the line is one of the things that can draw people o
Jun 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
in doha, qatar. i asked him about covering the revolutions and what they do. he said, access is critical. in libya, even though it was closed, once there are areas that were freed from gaddafi's control, they were able to send three sets of equipment to cover places live. in bahrain and syria, they have a problem, because they're prevented from going in to cover the story. they are relying mostly on these individuals who are taking -- using their phones or local cameras and finding a way to apply them or send them to al jazeera. i think the issue of how far can the regime did away with -- get away with brutality is going to be a function of coverage. one other point i want to make is on syria. one thing that is interesting in these revolutions is that the public's in these regions are no longer differentiating between pro-u.s., anti-u.s., tough on israel, easy on israel -- they just feel these regimes need change. when i was in power square -- tahrir square, one of the signs tahrir square, one of the signs had a picture of every major power. they did not differentiate on the basis of ide
Jun 6, 2011 11:00pm EDT
in rome and doha and this week. we need turkey. i am not sure that they are still blaming the french in libya. and turkey is a member of nato, so it turkey disagrees with nato intervention on libya, turkey has all the means to stop this intervention. so i think that is the position of turkey, far more complicated in your statement. >> unfortunately our time is up, for your time is up because you have to catch a >> you have been very gracious in sharing your ideas with us and we are very grateful to you. thank you very much. [applause] >> next, rick santorum announces his run for the republican nomination for president. in new york congressman anthony wiener today admitted to sending messages and suggested photographed women on line. he also said he will my resign. then, afghans national security forces can take the lead as early as december 2014. >> connect with c-span online. continuing conversations on facebook, political places and beyond with sportswear, and highlights on our youtube channel. c-span and social media, connect today. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum ann
Jun 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
these free trade deals will pass as a ta a. and then we've got transpacific alliance to try to do, doha is not the but that's probably a pretty heavy lift for the world right now. at least for china, brazil and libya. i'm confident it will pass. but let me say i think it's important you all as you visit the hill and talk to members our talkback in your commuters that you talk to the politician but you're also talking to your workers. there are negatives, no doubt about it. we've got to protect that but the positives i think out with the overall economy. yes, sir. [inaudible] >> a couple more, yeah. i've were probably regret saying that. [laughter] >> good afternoon. [inaudible] my question relates to taxation. last fall the president was a very courageous move by extending the tax cuts, it was very welcomed by the community. but as a struggle to maintain our competitiveness in the world, our corporate tax structure -- [inaudible] >> we are coming as i kind of the mentioned, we have done a deep dive to try to come up with a corporate tax reform package. there are winners and losers. ever
Jun 17, 2011 11:00pm EDT
could give a boost to the doha round next week. it's going to be one the key things on the agenda in geneva, i think there would be lots of gains from addressing. one final comment on the closure to the topic of today's lunch on innovation. there's been a lot of talk about intellectual problem. it comes out of the work on development some concerns about the highest possible intellectual property protections. but also just to say that also is relevant for the american economy because the economy as a whole benefits not from sort of the rest that go to the industries that have the patents and the copyrights, but from the broadest possible expansion or dissemination. and that's how the whole economy benefits. it's a balance. it's not the highest, strongest possible. it's got to be a balance between the innovation, but also we want the innovation to get to people. we need to have more of a balance there. i want to put that on the table. thanks. >> excuse me. thank you ambassador. so basically two relate to what's already been said, i think it's it's -- it's obvioust the world is aging
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)